Goethe Pop Up And Nameless Sound Present Der Lange Schatten Trio Performance at Match - Midtown Arts & Theater Center

Nameless Sound uploaded this event on May 14, 2019


Match - Midtown Arts & Theater Center
3400 Main Street, Houston Tx 77002
Houston, TX


Wed, May 22, 2019
8:00 pm

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Antonio Borghini (Italy) – double bass
Michael Thieke (Germany) - clarinet
Håvard Wiik (Norway) - piano

Drawing on a repertoire of compositions by all three members, the Italian/German/Norwegian trio has a distinct sound, but a seemingly endless range of possibilities and expressions. Precise unisons follow tightly-woven counterpoint. Nimble technique enables stop-on-a-dime accuracy. The instrumentation allows for clarity and transparency. Sometimes they sound spiky and modernistic. At other times, they swing. Sometimes they may even have a touch of the baroque, or a bit of folkiness. There are melodies that ring of Monk’s angularity, with whiffs of his oblique humor. There’s a dose of Anthony Braxton’s obsessive mania. Dizzying cascades of notes and extended instrumental techniques echo the classic generation of European improvisation. The stylistic blend of “modern-classical” with “jazz” and the relationship of improvisation to composition recall Jimmy Guiffre’s groundbreaking trio, with whom they share the same instrumentation. One might hear a bit of Messiaen’s quartet in there, as well as many other possible sources and influences. Do Der lange Schatten cast a “long shadow” or do they stand in one?...

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